Sunday, April 13, 2008

Peoples Photography 2008?

Does anyone know if the Peoples Photography exhibition around St Stephens Green will be on this year? I've emailed them a few times over the last few months but got no reply and the web site has not been updated since 3rd May 2007 so almost a year ago.

At this stage I'd guess it must be dead and thats a real shame as it was a great way for amature photographers to show off their work.

[Update: 13th May 2008] I just got an email back from the organisers. The exhibition will be on again this year on the weekend 30/31st August


Trish Semple said...

Hi Dec, I have been checking the Web site also for updates and to see if it is being held this year. So tonight I just googled it for 2008 and your link came up. I was there last year for the first and it would appear the last time! It would be a shame if it is no longer being held. I will include a link to my site so perhaps we could keep intouch if either of us find out any more developments.



dapixara photography said...

i check t yesterday, It must be dead.

Declan said...

Woops thats a problem. The site should not be down, at least not as far as I'm aware. I've sent an email to last years organizing committee (I was one of them) and we'll see if we can fix it.