Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cancelled Flights

I've been listening to people bitching and moaning on the radio about Aer Lingus cancelling business class flights to America they bought
for 5 euros online yesterday. It was obviously a mistake, 5 euros across the Atlantic would clearly be a mistake but in business class? Come on.

No one can be so naive as to think that offer was genuine. They must have booked knowing it was an error and hoping to get something out of it be it cheap flights or some compensation. The best one so far was a guy was on the radio complaining that he now had to cancel his hotel booking.

No one seemed to notice the hypocrisy of assuming he had the right to cancel something but Aer Lingus doesn't.

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Darran said...

Technically when you buy goods or services from a retailer or supplier, you make a contract with them. They agree to provide certain goods or services to you for a certain price.

Aer Lingus broke this contract.

Anonymous said...

The flights amounted to €200 each and we didn't ask for business class. We asked for lowest fare. This on the day Aer Lingus launched their sale and invited customers to browse their sale prices via e-mails. The 100 or so customers should be compensated for this. Aer Lingus have canceled a contract

Red Mum said...

If something is advertised as a certain price, the company is legally bound to sell it at that price. Thats how it works in shops anyway. And no shop can claim it is a different price and refuse to sell it at the lower price. It doesn't matter that it appears to good to be true, once advertised at a certain cost it has to be sold at that price.

Regarding hotels, theres no such law. Hotels allow for cancellations and if you cancel close to your actual staying date you have to pay something. So it isn't the same at all.

ciaran said...

Agree with Darran, anonymous and red mum. The 100 or so folks are indeed entitled to be agrieved or compensated. And bad PR for Aer Lingus.