Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Victory in Iraq

Good news all, George Bush has declared victory in Iraq, again. Now he can leave office happy with a job well done, the world a safer place and hand over a better America to his successor. Of course from now on should anything in Iraq go wrong it can only be for one of three reasons:
  • The old white guy was too old for the job and had spent too long with the commies in Nam to be trust worthy. If Star Trek has taught George anything it's that real Klingon warriors don't get taken alive.
  • The young black dude was too young for the job and he was probably a sleeper agent anyway. If 24 has taught George anything it's that the non-white guys with the funny names are bad. That and watch out for our Dad making strange deals with Arabs.
  • The scary chic was too, well, too female and was probably all emotional and teary when the bombs needed to be dropped. If Sex and the City has taught George anything it's that women are irrational.

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