Monday, March 17, 2008


After all my complaining I found myself standing in an O2 store on Friday playing with one of the demo iPhones which wisely were fully functional and connected to the internet. I typed in the urls of a few of my favourite websites did some reading and was hooked. The thing works perfectly for what I needed. Add to that the fact that the store had stacks of 16GB phones and I was hooked.

The only problem was that I made my purchase at lunchtime and the phone needed to be activated so I spent the day in work watching the clock and dying to get home only to then have to spend a couple of hours in Dundrum shopping center with the girlfriend doing some shopping, I think a little piece of her was enjoying the torture. Eventually I got to my laptop at about 9pm and sat down to backup my old phone onto my computer then load up iTunes and sync with the iPhone.

There was another delay as iTunes did what it was supposed to do and synced 16 GB of music to my phone. Silly of me really but I decided what the hell and let it run, by now anyway the girlfriend deserved a little attention or she would start to think I was abandoning her in favour of a shiny black and silver thing. By the time I finally got to actually play with the iPhone it was after midnight but it was still fun.

I have now spent 2 full days playing with the phone, using it for email, web browsing, finding directions to a friends new house. While waiting for the Dublin parade to come by I was watching videos on YouTube. My email now arrived like an SMS with the phone set up to check my accounts every hour. After two days of messing around with it the usage details tell me I've only uploaded 4.6MB and received 37MB, seems a little low to me, if it's true I should have no problem with the 1GB monthly limit. My only gripe so far is with the keyboard, it works well but I'm still trying to get the hang of it. It's improving but I don't think I'll ever be able to use it to write long emails or blog posts. As a result I haven't written any blog posts with it yet. Still the phone is a great gadget and I think in a few years we will wonder how we ever got by without mobile internet access in the same way we now wonder how we got by without mobile phones.

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