Monday, December 03, 2007

Turner Prize Bear

A 154-minute video of a man dressed as a bear has won the Turner Prize for Mark Wallinger. They claim he really won it for another work called State Britain, which he probably did, but to most of us in the general public a man dressed as a bear just won one of the biggest prize in art.


Keith said...

Declan, do you really want to make the same crappy argument that every tabloid makes when the Turner prize is announced?

Duchamp's masterpiece may of been one of the centuary's most important art works, but I think the Sun must of been there when he unveiled it and haven't shut up since.

Declan said...

I'll stop saying the Turner prize is daft when they stop picking daft "art". There were some wonderful photographs by Zarina Bhimji nominated that I think will be admired long after the winner is forgotten.

Keith said...

The Turner prize is a strange one because if I am correct, the piece you received the award for, may not be the piece you exhibited. Wallinger exhibited 'Sleeper' but won for 'State Britain' which I think you'll agree is a pretty accessible piece.

I took at the Zarina Bhimji's pictures on the tate site and I agree, I really like them as well as well as having the only description I could 'get'.

Haven't looked at the other two artists.