Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hello from Melbourne

After two weeks of travel I have finally arrived in Melbourne. Sorry for being so quiet over that time, internet cafes were a little sparse, expensive and lets face it, when I only had one day or more often one night in a town it just wouldn't be right to spend that time on a computer.

I promise I'll post updates about where I've been over the next couple of days, I have a week in Melbourne so plenty of time to see the sights and do some blogging. First of all I need to read my journal and try to remember what happened where and when, after 2 weeks on a bus towns begin to blur a little. :-)
Update: 6-Dec-2006: Ok, so despite having 6 days in Melbourne I didnt actually get time to update my blog. Between sightseeing and meeting friends I only got one post started but it is far from finished. I leave for Sydney tomorrow morning and get there on the 10th so I will do some posting when I get there, promise.

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