Friday, December 22, 2006

Back Home

I'm back home in Ireland, tired, a little jet lagged and more than a little relieved that I was flying through Frankfurt than Heathrow.

My travels aren't quite over however as I have to now head down to my home town for Christmas. No broadband, hell dial up barely works, so normal service on my blog will resume when I return to Dublin for New Years.


Anonymous said...

I certainly have enjoyed your holiday posts and also enjoyed the pictures. Glad that you are back in Ireland safe and sound!

Bernie said...

You ought to think about setting up Twitter [] on your mobile phone for those unconnected times. With careful connections, you'd be nudged with greetings and chatter that could take the edge off your time away from bubbling broadband.

Declan said...

Anonymous: Thanks, check back in the New Year when I put up the posts I missed out while travelling. Plus I'm going to go through the photos and put up edited sets with just the good ones. I'll then making the others private to tidy things up :-)

Bernie: Good idea, hadnt thought of that. I'll set it up.