Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Tree

I'm off to buy a new fake Christmas tree tonight. I have to buy it tonight or tomorrow night or it will be next week before I get another chance to go to the shop. I wonder is it too early to put up the tree this week?

Update: Tree bought, still in it's box. 1.8 meters "Canadian Pine" I cheated and got one with lights attached. Fake trees, no matter how realistic still suck. Maybe next year I'll get a real one.


Aehso said...

A fake christmas tree! I heard on the radio today that they were invented by the same company who invented toilet brushes! You'll have a big toilet brush in your living room Declan!

Go on, buy a real one...

Declan said...

Yeah that doesnt surprse me though a freen toilet brush would be more realistic. Why do the needles on them have to feel like plastic paper?