Friday, April 27, 2012

Some times I wonder

This morning as I left for work it was raining so I flicked on the wipers to clear the windshield and was greeted by the sight of two bare metal bars moving up and down. Turns out some gobshite had stolen my wipers and, when I checked the rest of the car, one hub cap. They had tried to take my neighbours wipers as well but seem to have failed. According to the local auto shop other cars in the area had been targeted as well last night.

They weren't taking wipers for their own car since they had targeted different makes of car and what use is one dirty hub cap, apart from making me have to go buy a pack of 4 new ones and end up with 3 spares? I guess basically they were just doing it for kicks knowing they were pissing the owners off, making us late for work and costing us money to replace the items taken. 

Is there anything you do with a bag full of different brand wipers and hub caps that could be classed by sane, normal, people as fun? Is there a secret resale market for used windshield wipers? At €7 each in my local store for new ones I'm guessing worn, year old ones don't have a huge underground black market. Hopefully they have gotten their dirty wiper fetish out of their system now.

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Sylvin said...

How bizarre!