Friday, September 02, 2011

iPad 2

One of the things about organizing a wedding from a abroad is that you end up with a stack of spreadsheets, emails, PDFs and other scanned documents that have been emailed back and forth over the previous few months. Maybe that's normal for all weddings but in my case I decided that rather than lugging a folder of printouts or a 17" MacBook Pro around from meeting to meeting it'd make more sense to pick up a tablet to carry them on and as an Apple fan it had to be an iPad.

My current pride and joy is a 16GB 3G iPad 2 and you know what, unlike many gadgets that take my fancy, it's actually very useful. People have described the iPad as a large iPhone but perhaps it's more accurate to describe the iPhone as a small iPad. Reading twitter and my RSS feeds on the iPad is so much easier than on the iPhone. Video, internet and reading all benefit from the larger screen. Battery life seems to be better as well. But that may be more down to the fact that I don't check the iPad as ofter as I do the iPhone. Email and SMS type communitation is probably easier on the iPhone simply because I'm used to it and I am still quicker writing those with my thumb. I'm writing most of this post on it.

It feels good and solid. Plus its light, though I do find myself resting it on something when I'm using it for more than a few minutes and holding it above my head while lying back in bed is a good way to wake up with a glass slap to the face (you dont do that twice). Nothing Apple can do about that, if it was any lighter it could feel too flimsy. It's not really a complaint, just an observation.

I find now I'm looking forward to iOS 5 to see how the new iCloud and AirPlay mirroring change how I use the iPad.

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