Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dublin Bus Fare Increase

With all the media attention focused on the upcoming General Election for 2011 it appears that Dublin Bus have managed to sneak in approval National Transport Authority for a 2% fare increase. 2% may not seem much but somehow it adds up to 10c on some fares. A quote from their website:
Dublin Bus wishes to advise customers that from Sunday 6th February 2011, adult cash fares will increase. For journeys of 13 stages and under, the fares will increase by 5 cent. Over 13 stages, outer suburban and Xpresso fares will increase by 10 cent. There will be no increase to child fares.
So next week expect to pay more if you take a bus on your commute.

Alternatively if you drive a car through tolls apparently the National Roads Authority believe toll companies are ripping off commuters and should be reducing tolls to reflect the fall in the consumer price index. I agree with them, the price of state supported services should fall when the CPI falls, unfortunately the Public Service seem to think it's fair for them to increase their charges no matter what is happening in the economy.

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Matt said...

The price of public transport is ridicoulous, it's all very well goverments saying people should be using it and then continuing to increase prices. Madness!