Thursday, January 06, 2011

Vivian Maier News Clip

I saw this amazing story yesterday. A Chicago nanny by day and a superb street photographer by night (or her time off). Her photos lay undescovered until after her death when a box of her negatives was bought in a sale of an abandoned storage locker. Eventually the guy who bought the first box was able to buy other boxes and found approximately 100,000 negatives, a third of which have not been developed yet so even Vivian had not seen them. It's worth watching and it makes me think of a car boot sale my fiancee went to in Canada a few years ago. A St Johns photographer was retiring and had lots of old cameras on sale. Lauren picked up an old Minolta range finder for me but she said the table was full of rolicords and other old cameras. I'd love to discover a box of old negatives or a car boot sale full of old cameras.

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