Friday, December 03, 2010

Danny Williams Resigns

The Premier of Newfoundland Danny Williams has resigned and in the wonderful Newfoundland relaxed manner he went on a comedy show and they took the piss out of him for resigning. They brought in some famous Newfoundland characters to help say goodbye. Can you imagine doing the same with Cowen? Maybe the waving a gun, tying to a chair and holding hostage part, but I doubt the stars from any Irish crime series would show up to help our Taoiseach. Then again Williams turned Newfoundland into a Canadian Celtic Tiger and leaves it with what looks to be a bright future especially when compared to the bleak economic wasteland left to us by Cowen and Ahern.


WJM said...

Most important words in your post: "what looks to be".

Danny Williams started governing a province where 24% of the employed labour force worked in the public sector, and leaves office in a province where 30% work in the public sector. He has built an economic Potemkin Village.

Après lui, le déluge.

Declan said...

Yeah, I admired Williams during my visits to Newfoundland since from what I heard from people he seemed to be trying to do what was best for the province. But if as you say he has built an economy based on public sector employment then that will be a problem.

We had a politician over here Bertie Ahern who led Ireland during the Celtic Tiger but left just as things started to take a turn for the worst. Now 2 years later we know he was a disaster and his policies fueled the economic bubble. I'd be worried the same would happen in Newfoundland especially when it comes to property. I see many parallels between the Irish boom and the current Newfoundland ones, not least in the conversations I've had over there. No ones property boom is "unique" or "different from the ones that crashed before". Booms end, the only question is does bubble deflate or burst.