Wednesday, November 17, 2010

By their Fingernails?

A week after I praised the government for standing up to the IMF it looks like the end is drawing close. The IMF and the EU are on their way to consult on what needs to be done. The Irish governments position is now reduced to "we have not asked for a bailout". Our economy turning into a used car sale. People are walking around kicking the tires and offering half the asking price while the seller says how great the car is and he doesnt want to sell it and might actually take it off the market and drive it himself.

Fianna Fail is hanging on by it's finger nails. Yesterdays leaders debate and statements in the Dail indicated that the government will have trouble passing any serious vote. The opposition benches were packed to see what Kenny and Golmore would say while the only people in the government benches were Fianna Fail Ministers. Even the Greens seemed to be hiding in a corner hoping not to be seen. The government backbench TDs were conspicious by their absense. They have nothing to gain and everything to loose by being caught on camera sitting behind Cowen or Lennihan while the economy collapses.

I now think that the by-election wont matter, the Budget is unlikely to be passed and in fact the IMF/EU will probably be in before then. All thats left is to haggle over the price.

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