Sunday, March 21, 2010

St Patricks Day in Dublin

This years St Patricks Day parade in Dublin was a great success with huge crowds in attendance once again.

Paddy Drac
B&W (&Red) Paddy Drac

North Carolina State Band

Flags at the ready.

More of the photos I took on the day can be found here.

Clondalkin Youth Band


Update 2: More photos of the Clondalkin Youth Band can be found here.


Nicola. said...

Some tidbits...apperenty Paddy Drac has been a feature of the parades for years and years. North Carolina Band won the best band prize and Clondalkin Youth Band won the best overall youth band. And where is the CYB pic? ;)

Declan said...

:-) The two CYB photos from my flickr stream are in the post now.

First one is some member playing with her hat strap, the second is of your Dad supervising.

I've got some others that didnt make the cut that night. I will look at them again and send some on to you.

Nicola. said...

That would be great, ta! I can show them to the members then.

Declan said...

The photos are on flickr now :-)