Sunday, December 27, 2009

Leg Bomber Aftermath?

Sky News is reporting that extra restrictions are being imposed on air travel to the United States. They say that passengers are going through security as normal but when they get to the gates they are subject to extra checks. Hand luggage is being inspected and passengers are being patted down to make sure they don't have anything strapped to their body. Then on the flight for the last hour of the journey passengers will not be allowed to leave their seats or access their hand luggage.

Great, just great, in case flying wasn't already a big enough pain they have decided to make the whole experience even more uncomfortable. I don't really mind the idea of hand luggage checks but surely if that was done properly at the security desks we wouldn't have to queue up a second time to have our bags searched again? The same for the pat down, the existing security checks are supposed to find things hidden on the body and that has been the case for decades. As for the restrictions on movement on the plane itself, does anyone seriously think a suicide bomber is going to walk up to the check-in desk, be told that he wont be allowed to leave his seat one hour before the flight lands and decide the whole idea of killing himself and hundreds of others is just not worth it anymore? What happens next time there is a security alert. Will we be strapped to our seats for 8 hours? Hand luggage banned? Body cavity searches?

Another idiot fails to blow up a plane and the whole world has to bend over backwards because the security precautions introduced last time an idiot failed to blow up a plane don't stop more idiots with explosives getting on planes.

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