Thursday, September 17, 2009

LCD Ads in Magazines

BBC News just showed a piece discussing the future of adverts in magazines and a new LCD advert page in Entertainment Weekly. The consensus was that it was novel but the advertisers would not get their money back based on approximately £20 per magazine.

Maybe in pure circulation of Entertainment Weekly they wont but for that £20 they just got 5 to 10 minutes of news and discussion on BBC News showing parts of the adverts for Pepsi and CBS shows including Big Bang Theory and NCIS as well as several appearances and mentions for Entertainment Weekly. For a station that does not show adverts like BBC News they just gave Pepsi, CBS and Entertainment Weekly a great free advert. You can bet other news stations will do similar. Suddenly £20 each for a few thousand magazines seems like a pretty smart investment when you are the first with these screens and can get the news coverage.

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