Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I went to sleep in the Spring and woke in the Winter. I even heard people on the radio talking about cars being stuck in the snow. Snow! On Sunday I was down in Cork taking photos and thought it was too warm for the jumper I had on. Yet this morning at the bus stop I was wondering where I had put my gloves and scarf. I liked the snow last month but the novelty is wearing off and I'd like it to get warm with some sunny days again please.


Ceiridwen said...

When did you get Spring??

It seems to have missed us here in the Midlands of England.

Ciaran said...

Ah Declan, no moaning about the weather!

Met Julianne and Andy today for lunch. Both in good form

Declan said...

I know, weather blogging, the last refuge of the uninspired blogger, though in my defense freezing at a bus stop was the most interesting thing i'd done all week :-)

I must contact the exCapers and see if anyone is on for a few after work pints.