Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gerry Ryan wants to keep his 600K

Gerry Ryan is on the radio doing his daily what's in the papers slot and continually defending his 600K salary and the salaries of other RTE stars by saying "well no one else is taking a pay cut so why should we?". Basically he claims no one else in RTE or the public sector has been asked to or ever will take a pay cut so he wont either. That's not quite what I understood from the news this morning when the General Secretary of IMPACT warned that the government would impose a 10% pay cut on the public service if no other deal was reached.

Personally I doubt Gerry Ryan or Pat Kenny or several other RTE "stars" would find similar work in other Irish stations never mind international stations so if they wont take pay cuts RTE should just not renew their contracts. There are many other presenters who could fill their seats and keep the advertising revenue coming in. Sure other stations would hire them for the PR coup but if Ryan wants to move to Newstalk or Today FM he might find himself relegated to a night time slot since those stations already have successful presenters in their day time slots.


Keith said...

Wow, an issue I completely agree with you about!

I would love to meet the tool that renegotiates the contracts of those muppets! He has a LOT more leverage than he thinks.

Declan said...

I dont think RTE negotiate, I think they just sign, after all it's not real money they spend, it's only license fee money

Ciaran said...

Aren't Kenny and O'Callaghan taking pay cuts?

Ryan is a complete tool. I picture him sniggering as he devours his prawn sandwich while pretending to care about his listeners. "600K for me. No job for you..."

Declan said...

Heard that as well today. Ryan would probably need to take a 15% pay cut since RTE view Kenny and the Late Late as more important than Ryan, who seems to be on holidays or sick half the time anyway. They could easily get rid of him as a public relations example to others.