Monday, February 25, 2008

Transport 21 Mark II

Two years after announcing the plans for Transport 21 and the future of transport both public and private in Ireland the government is asking the public what they think should be done. Of course most of the submissions will probably be ignored and the government will probably push ahead with more motorways, more large scale construction, more disruption and more trophy projects.

Personally I'm still not convinced of the need for a Metro or a Dart interconnector. I think we should focus on building one large but efficient transport system rather than new and different lines that do not fit together properly. More Luas lines, all over the city, no need to go under ground just find routes that can take tram lines and build a large network of trams to bring people into and around the city. Throw in lots of park and ride stations and as many trams as the timetable can fit then people will be able to get into and around Dublin quickly and easily. Lets just focus on getting one system working properly.

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