Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm back

I'm back from Newfoundland. Well I've been back since yesterday but in all honesty I could barely speak let alone blog. Newfoundland was great, it would be a huge Irish tourism location if someone would throw on some decent flights to the place. I had to fly from St John's to Toronto and then to Dublin yesterday so it only took 19 hours door to door.

The whole island seems to be an Irish colony with Irish accents and traditional music everywhere yet there are no flights and most Irish people I spoke to before going over knew it existed but didn't have a clue where it was. "Canada somewhere" was the usual answer. It's the closest part of North America to us, lets not count Greenland as part of North America (yes some people do). Straight across and down a little on the map.

Anyway I'll blog more about it over the weekend and I've got loads of photos up on flickr to show you what it's like.


Peter Gordon said...

Newfoundland looks beautiful. Youve got some nice shots on flickr. Its the first part of the north american continent to be proven to be visited pre columbus by the Vikings. I had to write an essay about it in college. Id like to visit myself.

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

Wecome back man. We missed you...

... no seriously. We did. HONESTLY DECLAN!!! WE DID MISS YOU!!!

Naaa. Only messing. We didn't.

Glad you had fun.

topgold said...

Now point your nose to Newfoundland in December. I used to visit Goose Bay once a month every winter and once walked on top of 18 feet of snow there.