Monday, June 13, 2005

Cafe Bar licenses

The government has given in to vested interests and backed down on Cafe Bar licenses. 40 Fianna Fail back bench TDs apparently complained and forced the climb down. Disgraceful! Cowardly! Greedy! It proves that the government no longer represents the people. The current situation benefits no one but the publicans who charge inflated prices and pump as much beer into their customers, as quickly as possible, with no consideration for the consequences.

Now I realise that the argument of free-will is always being used by publicans to wash their hands of the blood that flows in the streets after closing time. But they have just proven that people may have free-will but they can only choose between going out to a pub with their friends and going out to, well, a pub. No other choice will be tolerated or allowed.

If I owned a cafe in a popular area I would go around to my neighboring cafes and arrange for a group to make a stand and allow customers to Bring Your Own Beer, or maybe really go out on a limb and go ahead and sell beer. The government no longer represents the interests of the people so I think someone needs to stand up to them.

Some in the cabinet may be trying their best but the only people the backbench TDs represent and protect are their local publicans and property developers. I am a Fianna Fail supporter but I believe the party has lost its way and lost touch with the common people. A clean out of TDs is needed and some time in opposition.

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